When the fact-checker needed to be fact-checked.

Media Hitjobs was established to bust the lies of MSM. People liked the idea and appreciated us. Op-India has been exposing the lies of MSM since long back. Soon the MSM gang saw an opportunity in this domain too. Recently we have observed a sudden rise in number of such platforms, who use “fact checking” & “busting media lies” to settle their political scores & propagate their agenda. Since last few days a new website www.altnews.com is in limelight. They too claim to verify the truthfulness of MSM. It is said that Pratik Sinha is the person behind AltNews. Pratik Sinha is known for running a Facebook page named “Truth of Gujarat” which many a times has been accused of spreading lies & communal hatred.

On 26th October, popular news channel Republic conducted a debate on linking mobile numbers with AADHAR. CM of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee is against it. This was the topic of the debate. In the introduction part the narrator said:

… with 57 crore illegal Bangladesis in West Bengal is Mamata’s opposition politically motivated?

Well, 57 crore is obviously the wrong figure. The entire population of Bangladesh is 16 crores. The official figure is 57 Lakhs (5.7 million).

During the UPA Government the then state home minister Sriprakash Jaiswal had informed the Parliament in July, 2004, that there were 5.7 million illegal Bangladeshi migrants in West Bengal. It is obvious that “57 crore” was a slip of tongue or a typo in the script. We at Media Hitjobs are against any kind of false reporting but we do understand that there are some honest human mistakes and those mistakes shouldn’t be made tools of propaganda.

In the same episode later at a point (@ 13:45) Arnab says 5.7 million illegal immigrants.

But the alleged fact-checker Pratik Sinha in a desperation tweeted following:

A troll doing such thing is understandable, but a serious person should stay away from such cheap thrills. Specially when the person claims to be a ‘fact-checker’, this type of reporting leads to multiple meanings. An alert user immediately pointed this out:

Moreover, the alleged fact-checker also ignored the clarification from the channel’s side:

Till now the alleged fact-checker didn’t find it necessary to retract/correct/apologize and in the rare event when an MSM has been target of a hitjob. The success of the hitjob can be seen by looking at the comments on his tweet.

Here is the link to full video of the debate:

http://www.republicworld.com/the-debate/146/284/pak-hawala-racket-under-upa @ 3:16 &13:45

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