To declare Chhattisgarh a Police State, media went into Pathetic State.

Chhattisgarh was an island of anarchy in the heart of the sovereign Indian nation. India has lost thousands of crores, thousands of brave soldiers and invaluable decades trying to reclaim it from Naxals. Chattisgarh has also been the engine running many NGOs that told us they’d find humane ways of diffusing the crises. The humaneness tied the govt’s hands, cost us valuable lives and strengthened the Naxals.

Lately the Chattisgarh government, enabled by a change in approach by the central govt, has been taking strict action against Naxals in the state since past month. It has sent a clear message to naxalites that Govt is not there only to condemn and give compensation money to victims. There is one very positive aspect of it; huge number of naxalites are bidding adieu to the path of violence & coming back to mainstream by surrendering.

Naxal Surrenders

Chhattisgarh Government has also given an opportunity for peaceful integration to the naxals. CM Dr. Raman Singh has announced attractive rehabilitation packages for surrendering naxalites, which has attracted more & more naxalites [Read]. As soon as it started showing impressive results, media started its strategic campaign of branding Chhattisgarh as a state run by a fascist Govt, perhaps because a problem solved is an issue lost. They are labeling Chhatisgarh as a “Police State“.Police State

The tirade started with the arrest of a journalist Prabhat Singh which media reports as Journalist arrested for allegedly taking a dig at a cop on WhatsApp. But the truth was completely different, it was an arrest in a defamation case [Read].

Another instance is, arrest of Dr. Jena, a doctor who was allegedly absconding a case filed in 1992 for leading a large group of protesting workers of the Bhilai Steel Plant which turned violent. Case was registered against 58 people including the doctor. Many of them have been arrested & some are released on bail in due course of time. But Scroll reported it as “Chhattisgarh has arrested an ‘absconding’ doctor who was a lifeline for the poor“. 

Even Dr. Jana himself doesn’t feel that he is being targeted. As Scroll quotes him:

I think this case merely came at the wrong time. I don’t think the government wants to intimidate me. It was perhaps an error.

If the Doctor himself feels this is not a case of police vendetta, why is media making a case of police atrocity?

Mr Rajdeep Sardesai held a debate on the topic “Is Chhattisgarh becoming a Police State”. Just like he made an AAP supporter as a right winger for the propaganda [Read], in a similar fashion, look how Rajdeep not once but twice lied that police arrested him for being “Naxal Sympathiser” even when neither the doctor nor the police said that was the reason for arrest.

Another case is of an attack on activist Soni Sori. Initially it was reported as “Acid Attack”, later they reported it as “Dark colored grease like chemical”. SP Kamlochan Kashyap said- “You cannot call it an attack – her face has been blackened by some grease” and later on went to call it a “a big drama”. Social Media also termed it a drama, backing their claim by comparing her pictures taken just after ‘the attack’ & next day at the press conference. Now one can safely ask if wasn’t it a deliberate attempt to play victim card?

Soni Sori

When they saw all these plots falling apart, they started digging a two year old news report to paint Chhatisgarh in bad light & keep the propaganda alive.

Don’t be surprised if you come across news of police atrocities in coming days from Chhattisgarh. There is an industry which feeds off misery and disturbance. For the industry to prosper, India must keep burning!

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