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A hit-job is not a good hit-job if it is overt. It has to be subtle & it should be performed in stages to make it more covert. Misquoting or twisting a statement is the most common method to do a hit-job. And the perfect way to misquote someone is to rearrange, crop, trim or translate one’s statement to suit the agenda while remaining politically correct.

Today we have found one such rare example where all the rules have been followed. PM Modi was in Gujarat on Sunday, 22nd October to inaugurate and lay foundation stones for multiple projects in Bhavnagar and Vadodara districts. He inaugurated the first phase of India’s first ‘roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro)’ ferry service between Ghogha in Bhavnagar district and Dahej in Bharuch in the Gulf of Cambay which will reduce the distance between the two towns from 310 Km to 30 Km.

He also dedicated Vadodara City Command Control Centre and Waghodiya Regional water supply scheme. He laid foundation stone for flyover from Genda circle to Manisha Chowkdy, water treatment plant at Sindhrot, Jal Mahal, Dabhoi regional water supply scheme, Sankheda-Bodeli water supply scheme, capacity expansion of HPCL pipeline and Greenfield Marketing Terminal Project.

He also addressed a rally in Vadodara where in due course he talked about the priorities of the central Govt. At one point he says:

વિકાસ ના વિરોધ માટે ભારત સરકાર નો એક રૂપિયા વાપરવા દેવા માં નહિ આવે. આ પ્રજા ના પૈસા વિકાસ ના માટે હોઈ છે અને વિકાસ વિના સામાન્ય માનવીનાં જીવનમાં બદલ સક્યા નથી.

Which Indian Express translated rightly to:

We are clear in our working. Each penny of the public money will be spent towards the well-being of every citizen and for development projects. Our priority is development. We will not give a single penny to those opposing development.


Since his initial days almost in all his speeches he talks about development. Most of his speeches are in Hindi or Gujarati and in both languages the word for development is ‘vikas [विकास]’ so he keeps saying the word Vikas (development). Again in due course of opposing him, many of the opposition leaders have started mocking Vikas. Recently IT cell of INC had started a trend #VikasGoneCrazy. Similar trends have been reported in the past too. No sane person will oppose development and it is obvious that they are not mocking development rather they are targeting the central Govt by using the metaphor Vikas. Many cartoonists too have used the word Vikas to refer to the Modi Govt. They have associated the word Vikas with PM Modi & the Govt led by him.

Vikas is a metonym in Hindi/Gujarati now. It has two meanings; first development & second Modi Govt or as claimed by opposition ‘The Govt making false claims of development i.e. present central Govt’. In these languages the meaning of Vikas can easily be understood from the context. But in English there is no need of context. In Indian English (to be precise English MSM) Vikas it has only one meaning i.e. Modi led central Govt.

This translation is the playground where MSM can play dirty game. As it is evident from the clip that PM Modi is talking about development & development for all common people. Since he is speaking in Gujarati, he is using Gujarati word Vikas.

Indian Express reported the event and made a headline out of it. It translated everything from Hindi/Gujarati into English except the word ‘Vikas’ which changed it’s whole meaning & tone. And they remain politically correct even after completely changing the meaning of the statement.

[Link: HERE]

Take a look at the headline and the first impression it makes is that PM Modi is threatening states that they won’t receive any funds from center if they are against central Govt of BJP. To give the final touch to the hit-job politicians jump in and complete the process. Following tweet from AAP leader Ashutosh Gupta is an example:


The complete speech is available on YouTube channel of BJP.

Special thanks to @sadbhartiya for helping us with his Gujarati language skills.

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