The truth of stolen kids, sangh & the gang! How media made a devil out of the savior

While the big guns are busy defending a Pakistani terrorist & his alleged Indian daughter, the minions took the lead. On July 29th 2016 Cobrapost published its cover story under the title “Cobrapost Expose: Operation Shuddhikaran (COVER STORY)“. In this story Cobrapost blatantly alleges that Seva Bharti; an NGO associated with RSS; is indulged in child trafficking. Within no time it was picked-up Bt Arvind Kejriwal’s blue eyed boy Janta Ka Reporter & others. Independent journalist Neha Dixit also got covered the same ‘exclusive’ story under the title “Intro: The Sanghs Stolen Child Crusade” in Outlook.

This expose gave the left-liberal gang a breath of relief at the same time it shocked many. Child trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes and probably the only crime which is not justified in any culture/religion/society of the world. But what shocked us more is the timing of this ‘expose’. A story which has been there since almost a year, suddenly catches eye of’the gang’, the gang which has been sleeping since years, suddenly becomes active on an year old issue. Using reports of child trafficking for their agenda is no less heinous.

When credible names like Janta Ka Reporter & Cobrapost are involved then things can’t be simple. And here both of them are involved so no prizes for guessing that they have stooped to a new low. Long story short; Seva Bharti, the NGO in the question, has been involved in many social activities. One of them is education & rehabilitation of kids rescued from various child trafficking gangs. There are many such gangs active specially in North-Eastern states, who run illegal ‘hostels’ & keep kidnapped & stolen tribal kids there. These kids are sometimes made subject to forced labour & live under poor life conditions, as reported by The Hindu on 2nd Dec 2015, in its report on one such raid:

The hostel was not registered despite directives of the administration. It did not have proper infrastructure to house the children. According to the rescued children, as there was no toilet facility in the building they were staying in and they had to go out in the fields. They added that they were also involved in labour at their hostel, including cooking work and gathering firewood from nearby jungle for their kitchen. [Link Here]

Law enforcement agencies in co-ordination with various NGOs & agencies like CPCR & CWC raid these hostels, rescue the kids. Once the parents of the kids are traced, these kids join their families back. But making such trace is not always easy & not all kids are lucky, such kids are sent to various charity organizations & NGOs under the supervision of Govt. authorities. Seva Bharti is one such NGO which is doing a great job by not only providing shelter to these kids but good education also. Seva Bharti has its schools in Punjab & Gujarat.

Indian Social Institute has published a detailed report on it, which can be downloaded from here [Link here].

In June 2015, such illegal hostels were raided & several children were rescued. Among those kids, parents of 31 could not be traced & hence they were being sent to residential schools run by Seva Bharti in Punjab & Gujarat. Some alert body named Childline India informed the law authorities that these kids were being trafficked. As a consequence the group was raided at New Delhi railway station and produced before CWC Mayur Vihar. Police & CWC found nothing illegal here so let them go. A quote from The Telegraph:

They were then produced before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Mayur Vihar, in accordance with the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2000. Twenty girls were taken to a shelter home at Halwad in Gujarat by Delhi police under the supervision of CWC while 11 were taken to Patiala in Punjab. [Link Here]

Govt. of Assam, who couldn’t protect these kids from being trafficked at the first place, now woke up & started questioning CWC Delhi. They also ordered to return the kids to Assam, despite knowing that their parents could not be traced. It doesn’t require a genius to understand why Assam commission was giving such orders. It is not a big deal for those running such illegal rackets in state to have connections in state Govt. & commission.

Trafficked kids were rescued and taken to Seva Bharti run schools in Punjab & Gujarat. Assam State Commission questioned it. Obviously those unlucky parents whose kids couldn’t be traced had reported them missing.

This is where the gang started it’s game. They simply deleted few words, changed position of some; this is how Outlook reports it:

…different Sangh outfits trafficked 31 tribal girls as young as three years from tribal areas of Assam to Punjab and Gujarat. Orders to return the children to Assam including those from the Assam State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights, the Child Welfare Committee, Kokrajhar, the State Child Protection Society, and Childline, Delhi and Patiala were violated by Sangh-run institutions with the help of the Gujarat and Punjab governments.

The protector was portrayed as predator, they made a devil out of the savior.

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5 Responses

  1. Arvind D says:

    These posts should be sued for defamation for hefty sums. The cases should be pursued till their conclusion and a trend setting lesson should be taught.

  2. dabangg hindu says:

    Neha Dixit is the writter who should be sued by RSS

  3. Aseem says:

    The Outlook story explicitly mentions that the girls were taken from their homes by Sewa Bharti. This does not square with what is mentioned here.

  4. RamRani says:

    Sue them for lying & defamation. When you distort the truth and print fabricated lies all against one particular religious segment of the population, law suites and losing money fighting them is the best way to get the their attention!

  5. RamRani says:

    Sue them for lying & defamation. When you distort the truth and print fabricated lies all against one particular religious segment of the population, law suites and losing money fighting them is the best way to get the their attention!

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