The Truth of Latehar Lynching: Murder based on business rivalry.

Our Saturday morning started with the reports of killing of two ‘Muslim’ cattle traders, identified as 35-year-old Muhammad Majloom and 15-year-old Azad Khan Alias Ibrahim,  in Balumath village of Latehar, Jharkhand. Over the entire weekend the media held postmortem of these murders dominated prime-time news. And there was nothing wrong with that. But the media looked desperate to make it a case of mob lynching instigated by beef, an outcome of ‘intolerance’, driven by creeping Hindutva, effected by Modi government. Keeping all journalistic ethics aside and ignoring the Norms of Journalistic Conduct set by Press Council of India media kept highlighting the religion of the two deceased. Despite having failed badly with the Dadri reporting, media once again tried to make it murder-over-beef-issue & put communal harmony at stake.

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Some went a step ahead and linked it with “Gau Katha”; a religious preaching held dear by Hindus, which describes the importance of cows. Another one blamed “Gau Rakshaks” for the killing and declared the deceased as “Real Gau Rakshaks”. Zee News won the race and declared it another Dadri.

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The case is under investigation. Many facts have come out, but the whole truth is yet to come. But one thing is evident, the case is not as simple as it looks and it’s certainly not what our media wants it to look like.  According to the police, the accused have accepted that murders were committed for loot [Source: Dainik Jagran].

The EENADU Hindi does a deeper analysis of it. To establish hegemony in cattle smuggling is the motive said to have driven the murders. The cattle fair organised during Makar Sankranti in Latehar, Chatra, Hazaribag & neighboring districts is a business of crores. The cattle fair starts soon after Mahashivratri in Latehar district headquarters and then continues to Chandwa, Haraiya & all other 9 sub-divisions of the district. For the last few years a particular community has been dominating this trade in Latehar district. These murders were committed to break this dominance. A trader says that extortion rackets are active in the district. The traders are extorted. The demands of extortion rose so high lately that the traders started to unite and refuse to such demands. Few months ago the murder of two cattle traders in Herhanj PS of Latehar district is also an example of this rivalry.

The murder of two young traders is sad but media’s attempt to give it communal angle, driven by their agenda is dangerous.

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