The horse broke its leg, the media broke BJP MLA’s reputation over it!

Animals have been one of the prime movers of the human civilization and we humans have used and abused them at will. We use them for rides, their hides, fur, meat, what not! But Indian media, in a first seems to have used a horse for a Hitjob!

In an unfortunate incident, a protest by the BJP in Uttarakhand turned violent when police lathi-charged them. Some of the policemen were atop horses. In the melee, one of the horses slipped off a high pavement, twisted and broke its left hind leg. Here’s a closer look at how exactly the horse (Shaktimaan) broke his leg.



As sad as the sight of the poor obedient creature in pain was, it was saved from the anguish of understanding how it was being used for a political drama. Watch the video:

It can be clearly seen that some man from the crowd tried to snatch the baton from the policeman sitting atop the horse, the horse moved back, slipped off a high pavement, broke its leg and could not get up again.

The brilliance of our media lies in how they turned an apparent accident into an act of animal cruelty by the BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi who was leading the protest! The following is a case in perception manipulation:

  • The BJP MLA did brandish a stick at the horse but he was in front of the horse. The available visual doesn’t even show the MLA’s stick connecting with the horse’s body.
  • Our media showed visuals of the BJP MLA swinging a stick, then it showed visuals of the horse limping with its left hind leg bloodied and broken.
  • They fill the missing story with the narrative to say that the BJP MLA beat the horse so bad that it’s hind leg broke!
  • We, on our parts see a man swinging a stick, we see an injured horse, we hear the narrative, trust the media and we are reasonably sure that the cruel BJP leader injured a poor, mute animal for his politics!
  • Universal condemnation follows, including from BJP supporters.

Here’s how they showed it:

They used the same tactic on the Social media platform and their portals also. A picture of a violent looking Ganesh Joshi, a picture of the poor horse with it’s hind leg twisted and the narrative implicating the BJP leader.



Let’s be actually impartial here and try understand some real issues. Mr Ganesh Joshi was indeed seen brandishing a stick wildly. Whether it hit a target or not, it is a reasonable to say that he attacked an officer on duty. If so he can be tried under IPC section 353 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty), the extent of guilt and penalty to be fixed by the courts. But unlike what news reports may have one believe, Mr Joshi does not seem to have committed the crime of animal cruelty.

Let us also ponder on these questions before we leave:

  • Would the incident have attracted the attention that it has, if the same horse had the same tragedy but a BJP leader wasn’t involved?
  • How much was told to us about the protest itself?
  • Would the media have reported the protest in Uttarakhand if a mishap hadn’t happened where a BJP leader could be blamed?
  • Is the media reporting on politics or participating in politics?

There were two mishaps in this story. Two things broke. The horse’s leg and Mr Joshi reputation. The horse’s leg broke evidently in an unfortunate accident but Mr Joshi’s broken reputation is a casualty of attack by Indian media!

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  1. A section of Media has become player of nasty games. They are misleading the nation, its people and the whole generation. It is a conspiracy against our Nation to create atmosphere suitable to flame anarchy. Unable to understand as to who are behind this state. But Silence of Self Regulatory Agency is not doing good.

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