No payment was asked for Jaldoot Express.

Maharashtra is facing severe water crisis due to drought. Latur is one of the worst hit districts. GoI took serious note of it and launched first of it’s kind help operation in India. A train named “Jaldoot Express” was deployed to deliver water to drought hit areas. It was welcomed throughout the country. Not only Govt but several NGOs were offering their services. Even private citizen came out in support. Everybody felt the pain.  As we had exposed [Feast in drought] earlier, media also didn’t miss the opportunity to do it’s job.

Once again ToI carried out its duties; a hit-job against the union Govt. Times of India published a story titled “Railways sends Rs 4 crore bill to Latur for ‘water trains‘”. It reports:

The railways has provided 6.20 crore litre water to the parched region, and sent a Rs four crore bill to the district collector towards transport cost.

How could NDTV; master of the art; stay behind. They too came up with the same report.


[Link here]

Alleged journalist Rajdeep Sardesai took no time to share the story on Twitter & CM of Delhi took no time to retweet it.


Later all these allegations turned out to be  false & baseless. The truth is only the cost of operation was shared with the state, that too upon their request. Ministry of Railways clarified it on Twitter

So far neither ToI nor NDTV have apologized or corrected their headlines. Neither did Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has taken the pain to retweet this clarification to his followers.

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