Nehru might not be scared of Janasangh but MSM & INC are definitely scared of fact checking.

PM Modi was addressing BJP workers at Gujarat Gaurav Mahasammelan in Gandhinagar and several media houses were reporting it live. In a hurry to make an impression of it’s own a lesser known news channel tried what usually better known news channels do. It misquoted the statement of the PM to make it factually wrong & controversial and within no time INC & its supporters started mocking PM for it.

At 5:35 PM a twitter handle @news24tvchannel, which claims to be official twitter handle of “News 24” made a tweet quoting PM. According to it PM claimed:

बीजेपी से कांग्रेस कांपने लगी है, पंडित नेहरु भी कांपते थे. Congress is scared of BJP, Pt Nehru was scared too.

Former President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee Arjun Modhwadia took the lead and pointed out the factual inconsistency in the statement. He pointed out that BJP was formed in 1980 & Pt Nehru died in 1964. He didn’t forget to add the hashtag #बदतमीज_विकास taking a dig at BJP’s 2014 claims of development.

Abhisar Sharma, a journalist from ABP news who has been critical of Modi also commented on it, without verifying it & when pointed out by an alert user @AA_ROY3406 (they prefer to call them trolls), apologized.

Though sincerity in his apology can be seen in his next tweet where he again shares a similar tweet by adding a smiley to it:

When this misreporting was refuted by many alert users and ample amount of damage was done, eminent INC leader Priyanka Chaturvedi came in. Forget about verification of facts, she didn’t even bother to read the comments. She quoted the tweet of Mr Modhwadia by adding “Time for an Entire Political History degree” at 9:33 PM.

Now coming to the truth. In the speech PM Modi said:

… ज्योति संघ के कार्यक्रम में पंडित नेहरु ज्योति संघ बोलना भूल जाते थे और बार बार जन संघ बोलते थे. इनके जेहन में उस समय, जब जन संघ एक बालक था, अभी तो पालने में झूल रहा था, तब भी पंडित नेहरु काँप रहे थे जी. आज बीजेपी से इनका कांपना स्वाभाविक है…
… Pt Nehru used to forget to say Jyoti Sangh and repeatedly said Jana-sangh. When Janasangh was a kid, playing in a cradle, in his thoughts, Pt Nehru was shivering. Today it is natural for Congress to shiver because of BJP…

Here is the video footage of the event:

The source of the video is Youtube Channel of DD News.

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