Janta Ka Reporter forced to correct its misreporting, still unapologetic.

After mastering the art of spinning & manufacturing news, media persons are now showing a high shamelessness quotient. On March 27th, Janta Ka Reporter posted an article titled “Journalists harassed as right-wing group posts phone numbers of Rajdeep Sardesai, Anjana Om Kashyap on Facebook“.

Most of the claims made by Janta Ka Reporter in that article were true except the fact that Chandan Pratihast; the person who posted those phone numbers; is not related to any RW group but AAP. Rajdeep Sardesai went a step ahead and mentioned the name of RW organizations too.

Within hours MediaHitjobs exposed this false propaganda. [Read full article] The message reached AAP & consequently Chandan Pratihast, who had shared those phone numbers, was expelled. This news was reported by Janta Ka Reporter also.

In the report [read here] Janta Ka Reporter quotes a message shared by AAP to its Rajasthan WhatsApp group. The whole article looks like an apology from AAP. The last paragraph of the report also mentions that Pratihast has posted an apology on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Pratihast has now removed his post and issued apology on his Facebook page saying his account was hacked for 24 hours.

However in a shocking display of irony & shamelessness Janta Ka Reporter neither removed/corrected the previous post, nor bothered to post an apology for spreading this false news. A seasoned journalist like Rajdeep Sardesai may not have time for such trivial things but some degree of accountability is expected from a news website which claims to be Janta’s reporter.

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  1. April 6, 2016

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