Girls were not forced to remove pants, but MSM made journalism naked once again.

In the afternoon of 5th May, INC IT Cell member Gaurav Pandhi posted a tweet alleging BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj of forcing a woman to remove her pants in full public view.  It spread like fire on social media and Sakshi Maharaj was ridiculed, condemned and abused for his act. In the video clip of 26 seconds, posted with the tweet, a girl is shown who is trying to unbutton her pants.

This gave enough fuel to create an outrage. SM went berserk and MSM followed. Since it was related to a BJP MP & that too Sakshi Maharaj none of the media houses bothered to verify  and it became the next day headline.


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Gaurav Pandhi was the first to post the video. The video which was smartly edited. MSM took no time to treat it like gospel truth. MSM has reached the level of shamelessness where it doesn’t even learn from it’s own mistakes.

The clip uploaded by INC IT cell member was notoriously edited to suit his agenda. Take a look at the original clip (1:05 Min)

Here is the truth. On April 30th, a BJP worker Maidan Singh’s house was raided by police in connection with spurious liquor trade. It is said that cops had entered Maidan Singh’s house without female constables and reportedly misbehaved wish Singh’s two daughters. People were angered by this police brutality and on May 3rd Sakshi Maharaj visited his house. When he was taking a note of the incident, as seen in the video, media person were also present there who insisted the girl to show her wounds by removing her pants. This can be heard in the video. Later-on Sakshi Maharaj stands up, stops the girls from doing so and walks away. Nowhere in the video the MP is asking the girl to do so neither the girl is seen doing so. But the clip posted by Gaurav Pandhi was edited in such a way that one of the girls APPEARS to be removing her pants.

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