For Indian MSM hypocrisy & discretion are synonyms!

India won the match, Virat Kohli was the hero of this victory. People started trolling Anushka Sharma after this heroic innings of Virat. Some went too far while doing so. Making jokes on their broken relationship is as ridiculous as targeting Anushka Sharma. Finally Virat spoke on the issue, being a true gentleman he asked those who were indulged in non-stop trolling to show some compassion.

He called it shameful. Now it was time for our media to jump-in and bash the ‘trolls’ for their ‘misogyny’. Almost every news channel ran a program on it. NewsX took this ‘opportunity’ to reach out to people for their views on Virat ‘defending’ Anushka.

Same media who has been a big-time misogynist & making lewd comments on their relationship tried to play ‘holier-than-thou’. Quite unbelievably, some of the cheapest remarks on their relationship have come from none other than our MSM. Here are few instances when media has shown its moral bankruptcy:

Sagarika Ghose calls it their private affair and preaches that nobody has the right to comment on it:

The same Sagarika Ghose on privacy of the PM of India & his wife, displaying the supreme hypocrisy:

This is The Quint, in the name of FoE & entertainment, made this pathetic video of Smriti Irani dancing with Kanhaiya Kumar:


[Source: Here]

In another shocking display of intellect, Deep Halder, Assistant Executive Editor with Mail Today had once tweeted this:

The historical interview of Sunny Leone by Bhupendra Chaubey is still making rounds on the internet where Bhupendra Chaubey left no chance to humiliate Sunny Leone because of her past profession. Later on Sunny Leone confessed that she felt “Alone & Upset” while she was being interviewed by Mr. Chaubey:


[Source: Here]

The Outlook calls the female supporters of Narendar Modi ‘Hate-Hags’:


[Source: Here]

Finally here is NDTV, who fell short of calling Bhanwri Devi a slut outrightly.

These are neither first nor the last in the list. But the list is not complete without Times of India, who posted a video with the caption “Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show” and after being ridiculed widely, instead of posting an apology they came up with this shamelessness:


[Source: Here]

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