Feast in drought.

Since ancient times drought brings scarcity, starvation, grief etc. Then came democracy and governments. Now for some people natural calamities like drought & flood became ‘opportunities’. In the name of disaster management & govt help lots of money is allocated & this group of vultures feast on it. It has become a tradition.

But what’s innovative is; MSM also joined the feast. MSM is busy bashing revenue minister of Maharashtra Eknath Khadse, for a makeshift helipad constructed for his visit of Belkund village of drought hit Latur district. He was accused of wasting 10,000 liters of water in a drought hit area.


[Source: here]


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None of the media houses bothered to verify the facts & jumped their guns. Ultimately the minister Eknath Khadse broke his silence and clarified that the water used was waste-water from a filtration plant that can not be recycled to normal use. As always media houses did not feel the need of any clarification.


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  1. May 12, 2016

    […] services. Even private citizen came out in support. Everybody felt the pain.  As we had exposed [Feast in drought] earlier, media also didn’t miss the opportunity to do it’s […]

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