Did The Economic Times run Misleading News about NITI Aayog recommendation on RTE?

The Economic Times reported last night on 16th March, NITI Aayog recommends extension of RTE to pre-primary level” and said that NITI Aayog has suggested extension of the Right to Education (RTE) Act to pre-primary levels and grade-wise minimum learning goals for class one to eight under the law.

The economic times

But Niti Aayog Member, Shri Bibek Debroy rubbished the news and suggested not to believe on everything one read in MSM. No statement has been issued by any member of NITI Aayog in this regard, implying that it may be a “source based” news (called “rumor” in common parlance).


More details may emerge that will help pinpoint the exact convolutions or inventions by media. But the mere fact that it has to do with ‘education’ gives it a sinister air. Let us bear in mind that there have been a spate of hit jobs against the MoHRD over the last many months and some very personal attacks and character assassination attempts against Mrs Smriti Irani.

While the news talks about the NITI Aayog and its authenticity is negated by a NITI Aayog member, we’ll wait to see if it connects to MoHRD or is dropped here after being rebuffed.

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  1. March 21, 2016

    […] that Niti Aayog has recommended extension of RTE to pre-primary level – this could very well be a media hitjob, but nothing has emerged from the Niti Aayog in the 18 months since its inception to show that it […]

  2. April 12, 2016

    […] an ET article claimed the above, as explained here, Niti Aayog Member, Shri Bibek Debroy rubbished the news and suggested not to believe on […]

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