AAP supporter posted phone number of journalists, Janta ka Reporter made him a right winger to defend AAP

Janta Ka Reporter seems to have a special place for “Right Wing”. After hounding some tweeps identified as Right Wing based on unverified reports in the Kanhaiyya tapes issue, it is back again today with an article with title “Journalists harassed as right-wing group posts phone numbers of Rajdeep Sardesai, Anjana Om Kashyap on Facebook”.

In the article, Janata Ka Reporter (JKR) claims that the numbers were shared by one Chandan Pratihar who belongs to the “Right Wing”. JKR claims in its article and we quote

Partihast’s Facebook page claims he’s from Kota in Rajasthan and he’s the president of the Aam Aadmi Party’s student wing CYSS.
But, the CYSS said that they had no unit in Kota or anywhere in Rajasthan and the person is a Sangh member masquerading as AAP supporter.
We found JKR’s first claim to be correct. There is a person called Chandan Pratihast who did make such a post on FB. He does claim to be the president of CYSS Kota.ChandanFBPost
But then JKR reports CYSS (AAP) as claiming they have no Kota or even a Rajasthan unit, and Janata Ka Reporter agrees with CYSS’ claims, coz if they hadn’t the headline wouldn’t accuse “Right Wing Group”.
We set out testing this second claim from CYSS (AAP) and Janata Ka Reporter and found that there a “CYSS Kota” has been in existence on twitter and on FB since 2014, and has strangely not been reported for being fake! Its followed by CYSS handles that claim to represent other states. But most prominently, it’s very first follower on twitter was a handle called @JoinAAP a known AAP supporting handle with almost 60,ooo followers and which describes itself as “Discussion & Coordination group for AAP Activists”.
CYSS Kota also has an FB page which despite CYSS and JKR’s claims of being “fake” has existed unchallenged for long. It is still active and posts in support of the AAP an CYSS.
Taking a look at Chandan’s Twitter profile, which is active and in use (last post being done on March 6th). The posts clearly show his AAP inclination and seems to bust the claim that he is a right
wing activist.
Does this guy look a right winger to you?
Now we do not know who has been indulging in falsehood here. Is Janata Ka Reporter lying about CYSS claiming to have no Rajasthan or Kota wing? Is CYSS itself lying? Are both lying?
But we know for sure that facts so far place Chandan as an AAP/ CYSS activist rather than a Right Wing activist. It appears it is Janata Ka Reporter which is out to harass the right wing with falsehood!

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  1. Aladin says:

    Janata ka reporter targeted The Frustrated Indian for their article on Pankaj Narang where they blamed TFI for communalising the murder. ARvind Kejriwal who played the muslim victim card retweeted it and also Kanhaiya. Shame on such blogs who are defaming the right wingers.

  1. March 30, 2016

    […] hours MediaHitjobs exposed this false propaganda. [Read full article] The message reached AAP & consequently Chandan Pratihast, who had shared those phone numbers, […]

  2. April 17, 2016

    […] anywhere in Rajasthan and the person is a Sangh member masquerading as AAP supporter”. But an investigation revealed that not only did CYSS Kota accounts exist on social media, but were also followed by […]

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