AajTak uses videos from 2013 to ‘fabricate’ Jungle-raj in Punjab in 2016.

The “Krantikari” channel came up with a program “गोरक्षक या इंसानियत के भक्षक!”. It is a 15 minute long report which shows how some groups are indulged in hooliganism in the name of “Gau-raksha” (saving cows from cattle smugglers). It talks of several such incidents & shows video footage too. At first nothing seems wrong with it. Anyone taking law in his hands is against the law of the land. And when it has ‘communal’ aspect,its gravity is increased manifold. AajTak seems to be doing a great job by bringing such events to public.


[Link: Here]

Had it been an honest reporting, we at MediaHitjobs wouldn’t have been required to write this article. But AajTak is playing a very dirty game here. They are showing video footage of many such incidents & then they are trying to set the narrative that it has become a common practice since last few days.


Then they declare it jungleraj. They don’t stop here, they are trying to establish that this is the real jungleraj & Bihar is being targeted for nothing. If you watch the complete report you’ll learn that what AajTak really wants todo is; defend jungleraj in Bihar.


So far so good. Politically they are correct. But ethically they are not. They have murdered journalistic ethics brutally. The clips they are showing are not from recent past. We identified at least 2 clips, which are from 2013. Have a look:


Above is a screenshot from the AajTak report and below is a screenshot from a video posted on YouTube in 2013.


This is another such example from the AajTak report:


And this image clearly shows that it’s one more video posted in 2013.


Using clips from 2013 in 2016 and calling them “haal ke dinon mein” (during recent days) explains a lot about their agenda & journalistic spin.

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    AajTak seems to be doing a great job by bringing such events to public.

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