Beef transporters, cow dung & media’s bullshit.

Indian Express displays a textbook example of hitjob. This time there are no cooked facts, no twisted statements, no blatant lies; they simply omitted few selected words notoriously and a perfect hitjob is ready. On June 28th, IE published an article with the title “Two beef transporters forced to eat cow dung by gau rakshaks“. It has the phrases “Beef transporter” and “forced to eat cow dung”, these two are enough to give it a communal angle & fuel “risingintolerance in Modi’s India”, which in turn, will result into “Saffron Terrorism”.


Based on IE’s report, Huffington Post also covered this story. It went a step ahead and draftedthe headline as “Beef Transporters Forced To Eat A Mix Of Cow Dung And Urine By Gau Rakshaks“. Though Huffington Post quotes and refers to the IE article but to make it more effective, it added a representational picture instead of a real picture of the incident, which was there with IE’s report. Huffington Post decided to put a picture of pure cow dung cakes, which are used in villages as fuel.


Taking law in your own hands is a crime, forcing someone to eat anything is also a crime except some special cases (e.g. medical etc), and forcing someone to eat feces is inhumane. It is not justified and can not be forgiven at all. But what IE did is worse than that.

Let’s take a look at the real incident, as reported by IE. On June 10th, Rizwan and Mukhtiar were illegally transporting beef, they were intercepted by members of Gau Rakshak Dal and then forced toeat a concoction, named as Panchagavya. Here is a quote from IE’s report:

Volunteers of Gau Rakshak Dal forcing two men, who they suspected were beef transporters, to eat a concoction of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd and ghee almost a fortnight ago.

Panchagavya; “mixture of five cow products”; has been used in traditional Indian rituals throughout history. It’s also used as fertilizers, pesticides and Ayurvedic medicine. These are some of the reasons it has found its place in Indian culture & Hindu religion and cow is worshiped in India. ThePharmacopoeia of India has mentioned quality standards for it & CSIRhas obtained patents regarding Panchagavya. [Source: PIB]

Despite its several medical qualities forcing someone to eat remains a crime, but calling the incident as “forced to eat cow dung” is a bigger crime. It doesn’t ask for a genius to understand the long term effects of such twisted reporting on nation’s communal harmony.



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